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An Invitation to Disconnect

Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your daily life. dOMe Retreat offers you the freedom to be grounded within nature. Give yourself the gift of time that you need, to do a deep dive into your Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.  

Come with us on your next Wellness Journey.


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We created dOMe Retreat based on the idea that people are interested and being deeply called to honour their highest self. These wellness journeys allow you to pause and be Present. To Silence  the outside world and tune into your inner, authentic self. Our retreats are nestled into beautiful Mother Nature, while being mindful of a gentle footprint and honouring her seasons and life.  We fully feel blessed to be caretakers of this bountiful Earth and graciously wish to share this space with our guests to enjoy an enriching and memorable experience. An experience that will change the concept of daily life into moments of deep connection and appreciation. 



Host, Founder,  Sound Therapist, Energetic and Massage Practitioner

Services Offered


Group Sound Bath  $35.00

This private experience allows for the individual to be grounded through various musical instruments. Crystal Singing Bowls, Ting Shaws, Rainsticks, Ocean, Buffalo, Earth Drums, Tibetan Singing Bowls,Chimes, Gongs and Bells are played to create a calm relaxing environment. This allows the body to re-align, re-balance to it's most nourishing state. This is known as the Theta State. Sound healing synchronizes brainwaves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies .


Private Sound Bath $75.00

As each person is unique so is each Sound Bath! It is a new experience each time.  You will be guided through a gentle meditation to shift into the Pause of BE-ing, open the state of our minds to enter Theta and embrace the journey you partake on as you are grounded and centered and receive Sound Healing. We are mostly Water and Sound travels through Water with ease and creates shifts of wellness. Our body wants to go back to its most harmonious state. Come experience Sound!


 Relaxation Massage $85.00-$115.00

Choose a 1hour or 1.5 hour massage. You know what it feels like to forget to give back to  yourself - this is the perfect Pause to BE and allow yourself to enter the state of rest and digest.

We are giving attention to your body to create the balance and allow the shift from Fight or Flight  that we often are in.

To truly feel at ease. 


Deep Tissue Massage $95.00- $125

Choose between a 1 hour or a 1.5 hour DT massage. Your body is your temple and you will feel the attention to your muscles and entire somatic system as it is embraced to release exhaustion and trapped tensions.

hot stone massage.jpg

Hot Stone Massage $130.00

This 1.5 hour Grounding Massage, embraces the warmth of Mother Nature and is deeply healing for your entire body. Hot stones aid the body to feel deeply nourished and allows the flow of your energy in a deeply holistic approach with Mother Earth


OMazing Experience $165.00

This 2 hour Wellness Journey Nourishes your Mind Body and Soul,  through the healing vibrations of Touch, Energy and Sound.   Crystal Bowls can be placed on your body to allow the vibrations to be deeply felt throughout your somatic selfT.  You will be transported on a journey through Touch, Sound and Vibratons.  This is a client  favourite, and you will feel a Deep Pause and connection to self.

IMG_0465 2.heic

the                                                             wellness

Simply Beautiful Energy

Somatic Body & Energetic Aura Cleansing Alignment and Massage

This private wellness journey, allows you to sink into an entire body, mind and spirit healing experience. You are in a healing Retreat All for you. This experience starts the minute you start to enter the forest and release into your day. You are being embraced by nature and will be guided to have a mindful forest portal release with Mother Gaia.   I will work with your energetic fields, clearing and aligning your chakras. Using the healing amplified energy of crystals during your journey as well by scribing before you arrive and working with you to use crystals that directly speak or call to you. You may bring your own crystals as well too.  This experience, allows you to sink into the healing energies of the surrounding Nature. We honour your ancestors and spirit guides, tune into the energies of the universe and through gentle aspects of various modalities, such as Reiki, Blue Star Quantum Energy Alignment, Crystals, Sound Therapy plus and meditation or breath toning. You will be fully honoured and held space for. 

This Wellness Journey is all about YOU and BE-ing present.  Being held space for and loved as the light you are.  All oils, Aromatherapy and Nature inspired elements are created from heart felt love, and intention of raising vibrations for your most authentic self.  Every  aspect of your wellness journey is divine as you are.  

Meditation and interactive  Creative Experiences and Reflection Elements  

Oracle Card and Crystal Journey

30-40 min Sound Bath 

*1 hour massage (often hot stones used)

*1/2 hour  Star Seed, Crown, Third Eye Head Massage(heated oils often used)

20-30min Earth Star and Grounding (Ley line Foot Rebalancing Massage)

This experience is deeply restorative for all levels of your Body Mind and Soul. Please allow yourself time to Pause afterwards and continue the healing aspects of the energy work you honoured yourself with. 

3-3.5 hour $315.00

ADD ONS: light farm to table meal can be added to your Pause

so you can journal and continue your pause. $22

I look Forward to speaking with you to create the most aligned and Healing

Wellness Journey for you.

If you or someone you know would like to book the dOMe for your own event contact us at the form below



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Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! We recommend loose fitted clothing appropriate to the weather to ensure you enjoy your experience to the fullest


We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when experiencing your time at Dome Retreat. You are welcome to book Sound Therapy with a partner and/or friends. Send us an email regarding the number of people you would like to bring and which day and time. We would be more than happy to accommodate you. 

We are unable to offer any of our massages to couples or more than one person(s) at this time as Sheila is the only massage therapist.


We recommend not wearing contacts during sessions as your eyes remained closed for about an hour. Our goal is to ensure you are the most comfortable during your experience. Our suggestion would be to wear your glasses, and set them aside while the session is being held.


dOMe Retreat is located in the Ottawa Valley minutes from Highway 17 in Braeside, Ontario

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